Remote Medical Second Opinion


Online Consultation with top German Physicians

in times of coronavirus

Surgical Experts now offer you the opportunity to get a remote medical second opinion from German doctors. We offer to you a second opinion because actually you cannot travel to Germany.

But you might want to know which treatment (medical or surgical) is the right treatment for you. Then you are exactly right place with us!

Our service offers you safety and confidence in the correct treatment of your health situation.

Now you can prepare your treatment. You can now be sure which medical treatment is right for you.


A top German doctor will provide answers and his opinion to all your questions regarding your diagnosis and treatment.


No risk of catching Coronavirus or other infections, due to remote consultation.

Top Renowned Doctors

Consult real experts and get your second opinion and treatment plan from top skilled and renowned doctors from Germany.


No cost for tickets, hotel, visa fee or expenses. All you need is internet connection.

medical second opinion from Germany

Some reasons why to get a remote medical second opinion if:

  • Urgent medical advice for patients who can't leave their country!
  • No effectiveness of treatment and it's progressing!?
  • Afraid of traveling because of Coronavirus (COVID-19)?
  • Lack of specialists in your country!?
  • You simply want to get a second opinion?

Price starts at 799.- Euro

We refund 30% of the second opinion service fee!

*Valid whenever you will come for treatment to Germany or Switzerland!