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What is a Spinal Scoliosis


Scoliosis means unnatural sideways spinal curvature with a progressive structural spinal condition. Hence, scoliosis bends unnaturally to the side. Watch video of scoliosis.

We would say, most people are familiar with 3 types of scoliosis, but there exist 5 types of scoliosis that can develop:

  • Congenital scoliosis
  • Cerebral palsy scoliosis
  • Neuromuscular scoliosis
  • Idiopathic scoliosis
  • Kyphoscoliosis.


But every type of scoliosis has a different cause. For example, approx. 7 mln people are diagnosed with scoliosis in the USA. Get more knowledge of what scoliosis is and see the information on Wikipedia is providing about scoliosis.

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Spinal Scoliosis Corrective Surgery in Germany

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German scoliosis surgeons are at the edge of the world. Why is that? Because German spine surgeons receive an excellent education in Scoliosis Surgery. Hence, a lot of patients who seek professional scoliosis surgery travel to Germany, because of German spine surgeons’ excellent reputation.

However, Spine surgeons in Germany enhanced the techniques of scoliosis surgery over the years tremendously. Eventually, you find the best doctors for scoliosis surgery in Germany. Simply request and send us your X-ray or MRI scans. After we connect you with the best hospitals for spine surgery in Germany.

Scoliosis Surgery in Germany for Children

Vertebral Body Tethering vs. Spinal Fusion

A comparison of Vertebral Body Tethering vs Spinal Fusion for Scoliosis:


Vertebral Body Tethering (VBT) is a new technique and has shown promising results.

You should know that Vertebral body tethering (VBT) is a surgical treatment for idiopathic scoliosis in growing children whose scoliosis continues to progress despite bracing.

However, “flexible scoliosis surgery” (VBT) is only suitable for children. Especially, for female teenage children when they didn’t get their period yet. Children who didn’t benefit from bracing or couldn’t tolerate bracing might be good candidates for VBT.

VBT is effective for children who have not yet reached mature heights.


Good Candidates: for VBT surgery:

  • Idiopathic scoliosis
  • at least 10 and not older than 16
  • female children didn’t get menstruation yet
  • no prior spine surgery yet

Comparison of Spinal Fusion for Scoliosis vs Vertebral Body Tethering:


Now, let’s compare Scoliosis Surgery to Spinal Fusion. Not everybody is a candidate for vertebral body tethering and can benefit from it.

However, those patients will need spinal fusion surgery for scoliosis. For instance, if the patient is a female child and already go their menstruation, a flexible scoliosis system won’t work anymore. Because the spine (thorax) has stopped growing, As a result, this surgery is ideal for patients who have reached skeletal maturity. German Spine Doctors performing scoliosis surgery already for decades and the success rate is very high.

However, spinal fusion surgery has been refined over decades, and the success rate of very high now.

Candidates of Spinal Scoliosis Fusion Surgery:

  • the curves are greater than 65 degrees
  • children with less than 35 degrees (Risk of overcorrection)
  • weak bones which can’t support the anchors
  • previous spine surgery
  • skeletal maturity has been reached
  • younger than 8 and older than 16

If non of the mentioned points above match with your child, it may be a candidate for Vertebral Body Tethering (VBT). But first of all, we recommend to contact us and send us the x-ray / MRI/CT scans to do the first remote evaluation.

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About Spinal Fusion Surgery for Scoliosis

Most advanced Scoliosis Spine Surgery Hospitals in Germany

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Spinal fusion surgery for scoliosis fuses two or more vertebrae. However, this means the surgeon uses screws and rods and fixes at least 2 vertebras together. However, in most cases the spine surgeon for scoliosis surgery has to fix between 5 and up to 13 vertebras. As, the spinal column consists of individual bones called vertebrae. The surgeon places metal implants – rods and screws – to hold the spine steady while the vertebrae fuse.

A Fusion Surgery for Scoliosis in adults or children reduces the curve, preventing scoliosis curvature from progressing. So clearly said, spinal fusion surgery is for a lifetime. However, it may prevent so many other health problems that might come along without surgery for scoliosis.


Nevertheless, we connect you with the best spine surgeons for scoliosis surgery in Germany anyway.  As soon we got the xray and MRI of the spine we can discuss everything with the experts 4 spine surgery in Germany.

Testimonials of Scoliosis Fusion in Germany

the x-rays were made in Germany and the patient had a successful scoliosis surgery

Before and After Scoliosis Fusion Surgery in Germany

scoliosis before surgery - #1
scoliosis after surgery - #1

Before and After the Spinal Scoliosis Fusion Surgery in Germany

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scoliosis surgery after - #2
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How much does Scoliosis Surgery cost in Germany?

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A quick Comparison of cost for scoliosis surgery in Germany and in the USA

Cost for a Vertebral Body Tethering  (VBT surgery) for Children in Germany:


USA: 130.000 to 175.000 US$

Germany: 85.000 to 100.000 EUR*


“Take the cost for scoliosis surgery in Germany, which should represent an average, as an orientation. There are many variables, such as the number of spinal levels, the hardware, length of stay in the hospital, and the doctors “

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Cost of Spinal Scoliosis Fusion Surgery for Adults and Children in Germany:


USA: 100.000 to 180.000 US$

Germany: 45.000 to 89.000 EUR*


“It always depends on how many levels the patients get. But you can take the represented cost as an orientation. There are many variables, such as the number of spinal levels, the hardware, length of stay in the hospital, and the doctors “

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