3 reasons why we are better


We assist patients who want to make appointments with the best physicians for their medical treatment in Germany or Switzerland. Finding the best hospitals and doctors will be made much easier for you with the assistance of our medical concierge service.

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Our long-term experience and knowledge helped already many patients to get the right treatment. Therefore, we are convinced that we also have the right clinic and the best doctors in our network for you. Trust experienced professionals.

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Together with doctors we arrange and organize your treatment plan and we prepare everything before your arrival and appointment. Thus, you won’t face any waist of time with Surgical Experts as our care team is organizing all efficiently.

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3 Reasons why we are better

Some words about us and the 3 reasons why we are better than our competitors.

The most recent medical technology, cutting-edge techniques for medical diagnosis and treatment. German medical professionals with a reputation for excellence and top-notch staff. This is what makes Germany so intriguing as a treatment destination for patients from the US, the Arab Gulf states, Africa, the CIS countries of Russia, as well as from Europe. Numerous discriminating patients are using our medical concierge service to locate the best hospitals as a result.

The 3 REASONS why we are better than hospital staff


Is it possible to book an appointment at clinics without a professional concierge service?

This question interests more and more patients who are considering the possibility of either treating or being diagnosed in Germany.

Basically yes. Today, more and more German clinics have their own office for international patients. As a result, activities by unserious and dubious “mediators” and non-professional private translators for Arab and Russian patients are gradually disappearing.

But can it be a disadvantage if you book an appointment directly?

Yes, this can bring significant disadvantages if you book an appointment at a clinic in Germany without a professional agency with a medical concierge service!

3 Reasons why we are better


Professionalism. Absolute top Competency. More than 15 years of Experience.



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Our medical director has been more than 8 years in the medical high sophisticated medical device industry and held several positions as an area sales manager. During this time he built up a huge network of leading doctors from various medical specialties. Gaining this explicit deep medical knowledge enables Surgical Experts to help patients in finding the right doctor for their treatment since more than 15 years.


Surgical Expert has a medical advisory board staffed by the best of the best medical specialists. Each doctor on the advisory board is a capacity and a top specialist in his area of expertise. Therefore, you meet the members of our advisory board you meet at international congresses as speakers. Hence you can feel confident, as we specifically target the right doctor, according to your health condition. This is 1 of the 3 reasons why we are better.


With Surgical Experts you get significant benefits, as we contact, according to your medical condition and requirements, 2 to 3 of our specialists to get the best possible treatment opinion. Together we discuss the treatment options and present you with the evaluated doctors. Of course, you will be able to talk to the doctor before any treatment and discuss the options. This is another of 3 reasons why we are better than our competitors.

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Martin Engelmann, General Manager, and Medical Director founded Surgical Experts in 2005. He held several portions as a sales manager for more than 8 years in the high-sophisticated medical device business. His last position was Sales Manager Central Europe at Intuitive Surgical, USA which is manufacturing the daVinci® Surgical System. After he became a consultant for the medical robotic industry and consulted a startup in Boston, USA. My large network with the leaders in medicine built the idea to establish SURGICAL EXPERTS with the goal to help patients from all over the world to find the best-leading doctors in Germany for their required treatment.

The wellbeing of our patients is our top priority at all times!