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You want the best spine surgery in Germany, we are your partner No. 1 in Germany. Why? Because there are some many orthopedic hospitals for spine surgery which claim “we are the best!”. But that’s not always the truth. Therefore, we come into the game and we help you to determine the best spine surgery abroad.

What is the spine and spinal procedures?


Now let us explain what is the spine and what’s it good for.

Basically there are 3 parts of the spine. It’s the cervical spine, the thoracic spine and the lumbar spine. These 3 parts are our back. So in other words there is apart of the next, a part of the chest and a part of the lower back. Without spine we cannot live. However, now a days a lot of people suffering from spinal problems. Of course there are existing many reasons for. As result, some patients have to undergo disc replacement surgery at on of the best centers for spine surgery in Germany


Learn more about spinal procedures here: The spine

Nevertheless, we bring you to the best hospital in Germany for Spine Surgery.

The Lumbar Spine

(Back Spine)


The most problems patients having occurring in the lumbar spine region. The lumbar spine is the region down to lower back. It’s also called “back spine”. Thus, pain in the lumbar spine can occur by many reasons. Reasons of could be inappropriate movement of the spine or lack by doing some sports, exercises, too much sitting, overweight and so on. Thus, the spine needs to keep flexible and needs strong muscles.

The Thoracic Spine

(Chest Spine)


The thoracic spine is the region of the thorax (chest). It’s also called “chest spine”. The thorax contains our heart and lungs and the diaphragm. It’s the middle part of the spine. Some people having heavy and strong muscles at this part of the spine. However, some people develop a buckle which is called kyphosis at the thoracic spine. Let’s discuss how we bring you to the best spine center in Europe.

The Cervical Spine

(Neck spine)


There are numerous issues in the cervical spine area. Down to the thorax is the cervical spine region. It is also known as the “neck spine.” Many factors can cause pain in the cervical spine. However, one of them is improper spinal movement or a lack of exercise, excessive or prolonged sitting or an improper sleeping posture. The spine must maintain its flexibility.

Medical Procedures of spine surgery in Germany

Back Spine Surgery

  • Herniated disc surgery
  • Lumbar Disc replacement surgery
  • Spondylothesis surgery
  • Disc prolapse surgery
  • Disc bulge surgery
  • Spinal disectomy
  • Spinal stenosis surgery

Neck Spine Surgery

  • Cervical Disc replacement surgery
  • Disectomy
  • Disc prolapse surgery
  • Herniated disc surgery
  • Cervical disectomy
  • Fusion surgery
  • Spinal canal stenosis

Thoraxis Spine Surgery

  • Scoliosis Surgery
  • Disc prolapse surgery
  • Herniated disc surgery
  • Spinal fusion surgery
  • Thoracic disc replacement surgery
  • Spinal canal stenosis
  • Kyphosis surgery

best spine hospitals in Germany


per instance: cost of spine surgery in Germany

How much does spine surgery cost in Germany?

The cost of back surgery varies at German spine hospitals. It constantly relies on the kind of procedure you require. However, we can say that 12,000 Euro is the lowest price, like for herniated disc surgery. Scoliosis surgery, for example, might cost anywhere between 45,000 and 87,000 Euro. Per example a disc replacement surgery starts from: 18.000 Euro. You must also add the factor in the cost of diagnostics and extra bed for 1 family member.

How much does disc replacement surgery cost in Germany?

The price of a disc replacement surgery varies from hospital to hospital in Germany. Additionally, it depends on the kind of artificial disc you get. Artificial discs come in both static and flexible varieties. As a result, it also depends on the number of spinal levels affected. Therefore, there are numerous information about how much an artificial disc replacement surgery cost in Germany.

Which country is best for spine surgery?

In our opinion, Germany is one of the top nations for spine surgery. The quality of spinal care is particularly excellent in Germany, where there are many orthopedic hospitals. In light of this, we also think that the level of education and training in neurosurgery is very high. All of these factors place Germany among the top nations for spinal surgery. Per instance, in Germany you can get all kind of disc replacement surgery.

Why do people go to Germany for back surgery?

Over the centuries, German spine surgeons developed a tremendous reputation. Additionally, compared to other nations, the technique for treating spinal degenerative disease is quite sophisticated. However, modern tools like robotic spine navigation systems are available to spine surgeons. This, patients appreciate German neurosurgeons’ direct communication and warm demeanor as a result.


“But it takes time and patience!

If you have any spinal problems it does not mean you have to undergo any spine surgery at all. There are possibilities to avoid a spine surgery of course. But it depends what in which treatments you had before. The conservative options to sole spinal pain and problems is very much give. However, the question if you have tried out all of those options? Many of best orthopedic hospitals in Germany offers such treatments. Sometimes even stem cell therapy will work to avoid spine surgery.

Cortisone Injections

There are doctors they will give injections ith cortisone. This can help too to release your muscle problems. But over all it showed up it's a short release. even though cortisone shouldn't be your first choice of treatment

Hyaloronic Acid Injections

Basically hyaloronic acid isn't something bad. As your body is producing hyaloronic acid by itself everyday. High concentrated hyaloronic acid injected into the spot of where have the spinal pain can help to solve your problems.

Combined Injections

A combined in injection therapy is the best. Means, you get under x-ray control, hyaloronic acid and platelet rich cells injected. Therefore, the doctor will ask you to see him with a break of 3 days and a period of 4 weeks. Because it is a therapy.

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