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We offer Air Ambulance Flight Services to Germany. If you need a fast and efficient organization of an air ambulance flight to Germany. Surgical Experts compares up to 30 flight operator you.

In times of medical emergencies, when every minute counts, the swift and efficient transportation of patients becomes crucial. When a critical situation arises and immediate medical attention is required, air ambulance flights to Germany serve as a lifeline, providing a means to reach specialized medical care in a timely manner.

These flights offer a unique blend of speed, convenience, and expertise, ensuring that patients can receive the critical care they need, even in the most challenging circumstances.


Our flight managers efficiently and simply arrange your air ambulance flight to Germany. You can reach us 24/7.

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“From Crisis to Comfort: How Air Ambulance Flights Can Save Lives in Germany”


An air ambulance flight to Germany is a medical air transport of a patient whose condition does not permit transportation in a regular airliner. An air ambulance is a private jet equipped with emergency medical and/or intensive medical equipment. Therefore, those ambulance aircraft are specially equipped for the transportation of patients.


Regular airliners and personnel are not prepared or trained to transport seriously sick patients. In addition, air ambulance jets or ambulance aircraft can land at significantly more airports than regular airliners. Hence, we can bring patients much faster and closer to the receiving hospital in Germany.

Our air ambulance flight to Germany is specifically designed to transport patients who require immediate medical attention over long distances. Whether it’s a severe injury, a critical illness, or the need for specialized medical facilities not available locally, these flights bridge the gap, connecting patients with the necessary medical resources. With highly trained medical professionals on board and state-of-the-art equipment, air ambulances ensure that patients receive the same level of care during transport as they would in a hospital setting.

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With us, you have access to the best network, to numerous accredited air ambulance companies specialized in an air ambulance to Germany. Also, ambulance aircraft have complete medical equipment, from emergency medicine to intensive care equipment. Therefore, your loved ones are in the best hands.


The medical care is ensured by extensive medical equipment, such as e.g. Ventilator, ECG, CPR, and special beds. Of course, the ambulance aircraft is staffed by a medical team (doctor and medical assistants) for a safe ambulance flight to Germany.

We provide top experienced medical crew on board

One of the key advantages of air ambulance flights is their ability to reach remote or inaccessible locations quickly. In Germany, a country known for its advanced healthcare system, these flights play a vital role in transporting patients from rural areas or smaller medical facilities to larger hospitals with specialized departments. This ability to cover vast distances in a short span of time can be life-saving, particularly when time is of the essence.

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We offer complete Door-to-Door & Hospital service

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We organize your air ambulance flight to Germany. 24/7 availability for emergency cases.


Due to our long term experience we organize even the hospital or clinic in Germany.


At the airport in Germany we organize your ground transportation to the hospital.

Daily Air Ambulance Flights to Germany

We offer Daily and Weekly Air Ambulance Flights to Germany

With our top service, you can book the following jets: LearJet 35/55/60, Gulfstream 100, Challenger 604, Cessna Citation 550, Beechcraft 200, and Air King. See our complete feet of air ambulance planes. Actually, you can book your air ambulance flight to Germany from destinations like:

  • Saudi Arabia to Germany
  • Kuwait to Germany
  • Qatar to Germany
  • Bahrain to Germany
  • Oman to Germany
  • Egypt to Germany
  • USA to Germany
  • Kazakhstan to Germany
  • Asia Region to Germany
  • Africa to Germany

(Due to insurance reasons we do not fly at the moment to the following countries: Libya, Syria, Sudan, Ukraine, and Afghanistan. If you are from any of these countries contact us. We inform you about the airport and country we fly in.)

Get the best price for air ambulance flights to Germany. Our Air Ambulance to Germany Service compares more than 30 different aircraft operators for you.

We also provide an invaluable service for repatriation purposes. In cases where a patient requires medical care while abroad, these flights can bring them back home, allowing them to be closer to their loved ones and the familiarity of their home country. This aspect of air ambulance services contributes to the overall well-being and emotional support of the patient.

Air Ambulance Flight to Germany: Your Ticket to Safe Medical Transportation


When it comes to international air ambulance flights to Germany, meticulous planning and coordination are essential. Hence, medical teams work closely with aviation experts to determine the most appropriate aircraft for each specific case. Factors such as the patient’s medical condition, the distance to be covered, and the urgency of the situation are all taken into account to ensure the safest and most efficient transportation.