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Treatment with Stem Cells in Germany

What are stem cells and how can they help?

Learn about stem cells and how to find treatment with stem cells in Germany.


Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are adult or tissue stem cells. Thus, this means they can produce more than one type of specialized body cell, but not all types.

MSCs make up the various specialized cells in skeletal tissue. Therefore, you should know that mesenchymal stem cells can be different and more targeted to:

  1. Cartilage cells (chondrocytes)
  2. Bone cells (osteoblasts),
  3. Fat cells (adipocytes)


However, these stem cells each have their own characteristic functions, shapes, and structures and each belongs to a specific tissue.

The latter, such as fat cells (adipocytes) and bone cells (osteoplasts), are used today in orthopedics, plastic surgery, and neurology.

How does best Treatment with Stem Cells in Germany work?

Depending on the medical indication, stem cells are extracted from:

  1. Bone marrow (known as osteoblasts)
  2. Belly fat (so-called adipocytes)


The stem cells are then processed in a special centrifuge. The resulting stem cells are injected into the area where they are required.

Now the stem cells begin their work, and a regenerative process begins. The entire orthopedic procedure or treatment with stem cells is either performed as an outpatient procedure or you stay in the clinic for one night. However, stem cell treatment, such as for neurological indications, necessitates a 12-day stay. During this time, you will be staying in a hotel near the clinic. Stem cell therapies a treatment alternative.

Stem Cell Treatment in Orthopedics

As follows, see the lists of indications for regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy in Germany.



  • Osteoarthritis in knees
  • Arthritis in knee joints
  • Tendon injuries (Ligaments)
  • Knee cartilage recovery



  • Osteoarthritis in hip
  • Arthritis in hip joints
  • Osteonecrosis (necrosis femur head)
  • Hip joint cartilage recovery



  • Shoulder joint degeneration
  • Impingement syndrome



  • Radiculpaty
  • Spinal Canal Stenosis
  • Facet joint lumbar and thoracic
  • Facet joint arthrosis

Treatment with Stem Cells in Germany for Neurology



Unlike orthopedic indications, stem cells from the umbilical cord blood are used for neurological cases. Therefore, the entire procedure is different. Thus, you can improve with stem cell therapy for stroke recovery and rehabilitation. Your motor and cognitive functions will improve significantly. If you get stem cells from the umbilical cord, they will be given intravenously via an IV. The frequency with which umbilical cord blood cells are administered also differs from the conventional method.

(Due to different laws in Europe, it is not possible to get treatment in every country such as Germany. This means, the treatment with take place in a clinic next to Germany under a German Doctor’s supervision.)

  • Stem cell for brain stroke recovery
  • Hypoxic brain damage
  • Cerebral palsy (children age 4-8 years old)
  • Autism (children age 4-8 years old)
  • Bell's Palsy
  • Spinal cord injury

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How much does the best treatment with stem cell therapy cost in Germany?

Surgical Experts cooperate with serious stem cell therapy clinics in Germany only! Because we care about your health. This means that we only offer selected clinics in Germany, Europe and European neighbor countries that have been certified and approved by us.

The cost of treatment with stem cells in Germany varies. As a result, it is dependent on the type of stem cells and the field of application.

Treatment with Stem cells in Germany costs for example:

  • In orthopedics, it starts at 600 Euro and can go up to 8.800 Euro (PRP injections or Autologous stem cells from belly fat or bone marrow)


  • In Neurology, it starts at 18.000 Euro (children) and can go up to 44.000 Euro (adults) – (Stem cells from umbilical cord blood – most rich stem cells)


However, in order to provide you with an estimate, we must first present your case to the chief physician. Hence, provide us with all available information and data.

Contact us to see if you are a candidate for stem cell therapy in Germany.

How Can I book the best Treatment with Stem Cells in Germany?

At the moment, you can book a treatment with stem cells in countries like Germany, Austria, and in Switzerland. Why isn’t every stem cell therapy available in every country? Every country, after all, has its own set of rules and regulations. As a result, we only offer stem cell therapies in countries where we have proof and a well-chosen and serious medical partner.

In Germany, for example, we can provide all types of orthopedic treatment. However, neurological cases such as brain stroke or autism in children (ASD) are provided in other countries. But thanks to Surgical Experts you can lean back, as we did all the pre-work already.

Our patients can be confident that we only work with carefully selected clinics. The clinics that we provide are qualified and specialized. Similarly, doctors have extensive experience in treatment with Stem Cells in Germany.

Contact us and find out if you are a candidate for treatment with stem cells in Germany

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