Read how it works to find best hospitals and clinics by Surgical Experts

Surgical Experts is setting new standards for international patients when they seek hospitals in Germany and we show you how it works. That’s what our Medical Concierge Service stands for. On this page you will find all the answers to your questions and how it works to request your treatment. But also how to book an appointment at top leading hospitals in Germany and in Switzerland.




Through us you receive complete transparency of the expected treatment costs. Therefore, we provide you with a quote, so you get an accurate overview. In 99% of all cases, expected costs were in line with actual costs.


Surgical Experts will contact up to 2 clinics & experts to determine the best possible treatment for you. That will give you the opportunity to get an overview of the expected costs, recommended treatment and possible options.


Surgical Experts gets inquiries from all over the world. Therefore, patients advise and accompany, from the very normal customer up to celebrities, politicians and members of royal families. We are prepared to all kind of client.


Read how it works to book best Hospitals & Clinics

1. Contact Us by Phone or Email

2. Submit your Reports & Pictures

3. Discussion of Cost Estimate & Treatment plan

4. Book your Appointment

5. Fly to Health


01. What does Surgical Experts offer?

Our service is aimed at international patients who are looking for a top medical treatment and clinic in Germany or Switzerland. Therefore, our medical concierge service is unique and offers you a complete organization including onside patient management service. We also take care of your transportations and provide translators.

02. How does we identify best Doctors for patients ?

That is, through our many years of experience of more than 15 years, we are able to identify the best doctors and hospitals in Germany for our clients. Based on your request and medical situation we contact 2-3 doctors to get the best possible treatment strategy for you.

03. How do I start ?

To request a cost estimate for medical treatment or surgery contact us here and provide following files to us by email:

1.) Medical reports in Englisch

2.) If you have x-ray, MRT/CT scans

If you have large files use a file sharing site such as e.g. wetransfer, dropbox, googeldrive or any other free website.

04. What’s next once I provided my files?

The CareTeam of Surgical Experts will contact 2-3 physicians to find the best possible treatment option for you. It can take between 2-5 days to get the doctors’ answer. Therefore, we ask you for a bit of patience.

04. What do I get from SURGICAL EXPERTS?

After we have received the summary of the doctors and the costs to be assessed for your treatment, you will receive a quote from us. This contains all the details of the recommended medical treatment. We also inform you in details how it works to book your treatment.

05. What’s next when I got the Visa?

At the time you got the visa we organize and coordinate your appointments. Thus you won’t have any waiting time when you arrived. One of our drivers welcomes you at the airport and chauffeur you to either your hotel or hospitals.

06. Does Germany hospitals accept intl. Health Insurance?

Most hospitals have no contracts with international health insurance. Therefore, we help you to get a refund of the treatment costs from your health insurer.

07. How do I pay the Treatment Cost?

If you come by a tourist visa a small down payment to secure your appointment is required in advance. The estimated treatment cost can pay either in cash or by credit card directly at the hospital.

08. Do I get support in Hotel booking?

We help you to find best hotels next to the hospital or inside the city. For long-stay patient we will organize private apartments or houses for the entourage and family members.