Ambulance Aircraft Challenger 604

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Ambulance aircraft Challenger 604

Challenger 604 for ambulance flight
Challenger 604

The air ambulance aircraft Challenger 604 for ambulance flights is powered by Garrett TFE731-1s turbofan engines. Its cabin of the Challenger 604 can be arranged for 1 patient and up to 6 passengers.

The engines are mounted in nacelles on the sides of the aft fuselage. The use of a widened fuselage that allows a walk-about cabin and is designed with a supercritical wing.

Facts and Figures


Passenger capacity: 1-2 Stretcher (including intensive care unit) up to 6 Passengers (PAX)

Cruising speed:        790 km/h / 430 kts

Range: max.             7,240 km / 3.910 NM

Runway required:     1.500 m / 4.800 ft

Max. altitude:           15.500 m / 51.000 ft

Crew:    2 Pilots, 1 Doctor and 1 Paramedic

You can book the ambulance aircraft Challenger 604 for ambulance flight by a patient and up to 6 family members. However, the flight doctor must confirm in advance that this is possible.

Important! You must send all the medical records when making a request prior to us. Therefore, you also need confirmation from the patient’s physician that the patient can be transported by an ambulance aircraft.

If approval by flight doctor was positive, it will go fast. Be aware of covid 19 regulations. Only passengers with a negative PCR test can be transported. This counts for any accompanying passengers too.

Challenger 604 stretcher
Challenger 604 double stretcher
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