Beechcraft 200

Beechcraft 200 for Ambulance Flights

Air ambulance flights to Germany / Switzerland

book the Beechcraft 200 if you need want affordable air ambulance flights

Ambulance flight King Air 200
Beechcraft 200

The aircraft for ambulance flight is powered 2 turboprop engines. Its cabin can be arranged for 1 patient.

Facts and Figures


Passenger capacity: 1 Stretcher (ICU unit)

Cruising speed:        480 km/h / 260 kts

Range: max.             2220 km / 1200 NM

Runway required:     1.000 m / 3.300 ft

Max. altitude:           10.760 m / 35.000 ft

Crew:    2 Pilots, 1 Doctor and 1 Paramedic

You can book the aircraft for low cost ambulance flights by a patient. However, the flight doctor must confirm in advance that this is possible.

Important! You must send us all the medical records when making a request. Therefore, you also need confirmation from the patient’s physician that the patient can be transported by an ambulance aircraft.

inside beechcraft ambulance plane
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