Beechcraft 200

Beechcraft 200 for Air Ambulance Flights

Air ambulance flights to Germany / Switzerland

book the Beechcraft 200 if you need to want affordable air ambulance flights

Ambulance flight King Air 200
Beechcraft 200

The aircraft for air ambulance flights is powered by 2 turboprop engines. Its cabin can be arranged for 1 patient.

Facts and Figures


Passenger capacity: 1 Stretcher (ICU unit)

Cruising speed:        480 km/h / 260 kts

Range: max.             2220 km / 1200 NM

Runway required:     1.000 m / 3.300 ft

Max. altitude:           10.760 m / 35.000 ft

Crew:    2 Pilots, 1 Doctor and 1 Paramedic

You can book the aircraft for low-cost ambulance flights by a patient. However, the flight doctor must confirm prior to taking off in Germany that this is possible.

Important! You must send us all the medical records when making a request. Therefore, you also need confirmation from the patient’s physician that the patient can be transported by an ambulance aircraft. Request our Air Ambulance Service for medical flights to Germany and Switzerland.

inside beechcraft ambulance plane

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