Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery in Germany

About Disc Endoprosthesis Surgery in Germany


A) Did you know, that the first artificial disc ever was invented in 1980 by a German spine surgeon?

So if you had severe back pain for weeks, months, or even years you might benefit from an artificial disc replacement surgery in Germany. However, in the following, we’d like to give you some information about the procedure of ADR (artificial disc replacement).


B) How do doctors diagnose back pain?

Back pain can cause many reasons. However, the cause can find out if an MRI or CT scan and x-ray of the spinal region. We offer all radiological scans and diagnostics in Germany. But more important is to visit a neurologist before surgery. Hence, this is the No. 1 diagnostical part to find out the cause of spinal pain and where it’s coming from. However, these diagnostics are important before any decision can be made and you get your disc replacement surgery in Germany.

What’s the procedure


In an artificial disc replacement, the spine surgeon replaces the degenerated disc. When replacing the intervertebral disc on the lumbar spine, access is from the front via the lower abdomen (ventral). The placement of the artificial intervertebral disc prosthesis on the cervical spine is also done from the front (ventral).

The surgeon creates a space between the vertebrae (vertebral bodies) of the affected planes to create an appropriate height. This relieves the nerve.

Here is a good video of an artificial disc replacement surgery and how it works.


Contraindications for artificial disc replacement

Patients with osteoporosis, spinal fusion, spine tumor, severely herniated disc, degenerative vertebras, or obese patients aren’t any candidates for artificial disc replacement surgery.

Types of Implants of Disc Replacement in Germany

15+ disc replacement implant types available


Unlike in the USA, more than 10 different types of artificial disc replacement implants are available in Germany. Actually, you can get only the M6 in the USA which is the only artificial disc implant approved by the FDA in the US.

The artificial intervertebral discs serve to preserve the space between the vertebral bodies. The intervertebral space can shrink or degenerate over the years or through related activities. This can lead to significant pain in the spine, including symptoms of paralysis in the neck or legs.

 German Spine Surgeons good in Spine Surgery?


As we said at the beginning, a German spine surgeon developed the first total disc implant in the 1980s. Hence, German spine surgeons have the most experience in total disc replacement surgery. Of course, German spine surgeons have huge experience in spinal surgery overall.

Surgical Experts is proud to present the best experienced and skilled spine surgeons working at the best hospitals for spina surgery in Germany.

Spine Fusion Surgery vs. Disc Replacement Surgery

Pros & Cons

total disc replacement in germany

Spinal fusion is the golden standard for the treatment of spinal degenerative disease. Spinal Fusion is a fixation of 2 vertebras with screws and rods. A, artificial disk replacement, as it calls it, replaces the damaged disc with an artificial disc between 2 vertebras.  Hence, the goal of total disc replacement is to alleviate the pain of degenerative lumbar diseases and improve the state of lumbar function and the quality of life of patients.

Of course, both methods have advantages and disadvantages. Hence, you should discuss all of your options and concerns with one of the best spine surgeons in Germany.



  • Fixation of 2 vertebras
  • Less mobility
  • Longer recovery time
  • More for patients who want to live pain-free



  • Greater movement
  • Function like the body’s natural disc
  • Greater spine mobility
  • Less stress on the vertebras
  • Faster recovery time
  • For patients who live actively

Contraindications for disc replacement surgery


There are strict contraindications of intervertebral disc prosthesis: In these cases, the intervertebral disc prosthesis must not be used.

The requirements for operating an artificial disc  are limited compared to spinal fusion.

As a rule, an intervertebral disc prosthesis can still be used if the patient only suffers from “slight” degeneration of the intervertebral discs after a herniated disc.

In the case of major changes in the spine, the artificial intervertebral disc can no longer be used with the same success rate.

Therefore, the intervertebral disc prosthesis can’t be considered for all forms of back pain: Most degenerative diseases of the spine represent relative or absolute contraindications to the operation of the intervertebral disc prosthesis.

These indications are contraindications:

  • Severe osteoporosis (decreasing bone density as a result of disease)
  • Pseudarthrosis (formation of false joints) after operative spinal fusion
  • Herniated disc (disc prolapse) with narrowing of the spinal cord or nerve roots.
  • In severe spondylarthrosis: (arthrosis of the small vertebral joints) the normal dynamic mobility of the vertebras is no longer guaranteed.

Artificial Spinal Disc Replacement Surgery in Germany: Back to normal life


SURGICAL EXPERTS is helping patients to find the best spine surgery hospitals in Germany and Switzerland since 2005. Hence, we gained a lot of experience and we are in contact with the best leading spine doctors. You can find neurosurgeons for total disc replacement either at University hospitals or in one of the best private orthopedic hospitals in Germany.

As a result, most of our cooperating spine surgeons you find in specialized orthopedic clinics in Germany. Therefore, it is absolutely interesting to think about first seeking expert advice from an experienced German spinal surgeon. However, if you have spinal back pain the cause can have many reasons. Hence, consult us to find the best hospital for spine surgery in Germany and Switzerland.

Our medical concierge service makes sure you will meet the right spine surgeon in Germany.

Find out if you are a Candidate

Disc Replacement Surgery in Germany

Contact us and send us your medical report and a copy of your MRI scans, so we can check if you’re a candidate for Spine Fusion or Artificial Disc Replacement surgery in Germany. After we discuss your files with up to 3 spine clinics if you will benefit from artificial disc replacement surgery. We offer cervical artificial disc replacement surgery as well as for the (lower back) lumbar disk replacement.